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Pest Animal Removal Charlotte, Michigan!

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- Animal trapping and relocation using humane traps
- Removal of animals in attics and chimneys and walls
- Animal damage repairs: chewed wood, wires, and more
- Prevention services to keep critters away permanently
- Home inspections to find animal entry holes and damage
- Attic restoration: cleanup and insulation replacement
- Dead animal removal both outside and in the walls
- Rodent control - permanent solution, poison-free
- Bat colony removal with 100% legal success rate
- Bird control services: pigeons, sparrows, etc
- Snake removal services: we come out 24/7

When you have squirrels, raccoons, bats, and other critters hanging around in your home or businesses, it's important to immediately deal with them to avoid any possible harm to you and your property. Our wildlife services provide safe and professional animal control services in your area and nearby counties. Our wildlife experts who are experienced and excellent in their field are committed to bringing our clients the best service while practicing humane methods in dealing with wild animals. Being consistently rated in 5 stars in yelp and google review, we assure your wildlife intruder will never return to your property! We also provide attic cleanup, professional-grade repairs, and insulation replacement whenever you need it. Our wildlife services are available 24/7 for consultation over the phone. The wildlife experts will guide you over the phone and give you a ballpark estimate according to your description. We'll set up an appointment for inspection to determine the entry points where possible nuisance animals or pests obtained entry. When the inspection is over, we will look over our reviews and reports to enable you to decide what actions you want to take. Our wildlife team assures that they will do their best in getting the job done fast and effectively. At our company, we strive to deliver outstanding customer service and quality work. When you've chosen us to work with you, we will treat your property like our own.