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Car Rat Trap

Your car is one of your most reliable partners; it helps you to travel anywhere. But at the same time, your car is a secure place for the rats too. They love to live within your car, especially in the engine. If the rat gets dead within the engine, it can be a tough process to remove the rat from that place. Rat also likes to eat the wires, so they are going to destroy your luxury car in no time. 

What you can do to keep the rats away
If you want your car to be safe than focus on the following tips:

Do not put any food near the car or within the car
Rats find ways to get into your car, so try not to keep any food in the surrounding, when there will be no food there are least chances of rats to get into your car. 

Reduce the space
The rat will definitely want to live if you provide them space. Try to minimize the spaces to get rid of rats. Check the engine on a daily basis to make sure they are safe from the rat to attach.  What if you are facing a rat attach in your car? You can use a car rat trap to get rid of them.  To make a trap, you need the following material.

  • Rattrap 1
  • Eye hook 4
  • Ten inched of finishing lines
  • Knex wheel 4 (large)
  • Tan connectors 4
  • Grey connectors 4
  • Red length rods 2

  1. Take the rate drop and mark ½ inches mark from both sides
  2. Now drill those marks by using 5/64 drill bit to make two holes on ½ marks
  3. Insert eye hook- now screw the eye hook into the four holes you have made on number 2.
  4. Now it is time to make the front axle. Pick one red rod and connect it to one gray connector on end. 
  5. Now slide the one wheel on and crack it in a tan connector behind the wheel slide this into the whole to lock the wheel to the rod.
  6. Now you have to slide the axle via eye-hook at the front end. 
  7. Now add another rod via another hook. 
  8. Now add the second wheel by using the previous method. You have finished the front axle process.
  9. Now you have to make a rear axle, it is almost the same as the front, but the difference is you have to drill the rod to complete this process. Use 1/64 drill bit. 
  10. Now it times to make the finish line. You can get your finish line by measuring 10 inches, cut them, and then burn their ends with the lighter. 
  11. Tie one end at the main arm of the trap. You must have a 9-inch line on the other side to make a perfect trap. 

How to use it? 
By following the method, you have made a rat trap now to use it; you are required to put the long end of the cord throughout the hole drilled to the next rod. Now spin the rod backward.  When you prepare the string and cannot turn it any longer without pulling back the arm, pull the arm back and turn the rod again. Now arm the trap as you regularly would. To trigger the trap, get a long object like a ruler or something and tap it and quickly pull away. Your car trap for the rat is ready to use. 

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