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Toxicity of Rat Urine and How to Remove the Smell

Some people believe that rat urine is toxic and can cause serious health issues for humans, while the other believes that rat urine is not toxic at all and can not cause any health issue. 

Infection or disease that is associated with rat urine
A virus that can be transmitted due to contact with rat urine is called Hantavirus. When a person got in touch with the rat urine, he can end up with serious illness. Hantavirus can also result in death.  Hantavirus can be transmitted through rat urine, bites, and feces. But according to research, rat bites are the least way to get into Hantavirus.  A person can also get infected with a virus when the waste becomes dry and get a part of the environment. When a person inhales in that environment, simple the virus transmits through the breathing. 

How to remove the odor?
To remove the rat odor, firstly remove the waste from the given area. Read the following instructions that will help you to be red rid of the odor and rats too. 

Cleaning up urine and dropping

  • Firstly you have to clean up all the urine and poop of the rat; do not forget to wear plastic gloves and mask while cleaning. 
  • Make sure you have sealed all the entryways, and no rat can get into the house. 
  • Now remove the waste carefully while doing this task, open the doors and window so the fresh air can come into the room/area at least for 30-40 minutes. 
  • Use a paper towel to remove the urine spots and poop, after removing add this paper towel into a plastic bag for the disposal. 
  • After removing the waste, use water and bleach mixer and spread it all over the area. Take almost one part of bleach and ten parts of water. Let the area get dry for the next 5-10 minutes. 
  • If you found any dead rat, place them into the plastic bag and then wash the whole area with a detergent, or you can wash it with water and bleach mixture too. 
  • After adding all the waste into a plastic bag, add this bad into another bad, close it and add into to trash bin. 
  • If you are going to clean your whole house, open all the cabins and let them open for the next 30-50 minutes, so if there is any rat, he will come out. Clean all the cabins and drawers with the water and bleach solution. 
  • If your area is under control of a lot of rats, especially your house, then take care of the following things:
  • Wear plastic and rubber boats
  • Use rubber gloves
  • Use face mask
  • Use goggles
After cleaning up the house, make sure all the entryways are closed properly if you found any open place or hole seal it with the wooden cover or tape.  By doing this step, you can get rid of rats and their odor too. 

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